High Times

Stories of me being high. Pictures too even.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Ok, so yeah

I tried not to get high again for a little while. I was working a full time job making $10 an hour and working 12 hours a day and really to be truthful didn't have any time to get high. Nothing wrong with making some good money, but 12 hour days sucked balls to be honest with you.

Anyways, last night was great. I hung out with some new friends, and old friends a like. We went to a girls house Friday night though. I was full of pot smoke, and E&J. I get there and they lined up some jello shots with nothing but Jello (obviously) and 110 vodka mixed in. No water! I was like damn, I'm going to be fucked.

Long story short, the cops got called, I puked and blacked out in the grass and end up in someone's bed out at my friends girls house.

Well, last night we smoke it up again. My prior tutorial here needs a revision: Click!
Make sure not to push it too tight. The bud won't light very good and stay lit if it's too tight. ;)

Heard that? Good!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Lessons to be learnt

Alright, I've already thought this through and through and definately haven't fallen pray to my own wants yet, but I'm sure with time I either will or something will bring up the want to do it, but I refuse.

If you're selling marijuana, dont go out and start smoking your own sell stash. If you're on a front from someone, you really better not start smoking your stash or you're seriously probably going to end up hurt.

Here's the solution to the problem.

1. If you buy your shit before selling, decide how much you need to grab for your person, and then decide how much of that you can actually take from the sack for your personal before you start pissing people off.

2. Once you've put your personal away, and not worried about it anymore you need to put your stash for sell away and hidden. You don't need it going missing on you.

3. When someone comes to buy a sack pending on the stickiness of your nuggets go ahead and under-way it about 1/5 of a gram for every gram purchased. Please try and do this less with your bigger buyers, they will catch on sooner or later. If they are buy 5 grams, 1 gram is going to be missing.. see my point? YOU don't want to do this.

- The ultimate solution though if you're a dealer - DON'T smoke pot. Although if you're plan is solid, you'll be smokin, and pullin in the green.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Long Time, No high.

No fuckin joke, I feel like a god damned crackhead right now. I've been sitting here for two days, really.. wondering why I'm not high. I have the hookup, and I have the weed, but I'm not high? Why? Hell, if I know.. it's just weird. I haven't wanted to get high, but at the same time have been hungry for the feeling of getting high. It's hard to explain. I've only been smoking weed for going on 5 years, and three of those years I smoked religously. Lost some good friends over the years, and even earned from friends who I end up hating (Voca, 80% of those generated population was either born stoned, or developed some kindof mental retardation factor) after I quit getting high.

Recently though, I started smoking again, and even selling - I get away when I get high, I don't have any worries at all. Most people geek out and worry about getting caught when they are high, but anymore I don't care who knows I'm high, or sellin. (Hence this fuckin blog??) I don't know, it just seems like everything is kindof either in place, but sitting crooked in my life or it's just.. missing.. who knows.. maybe I'm thinking all of this stuff because I'm not high.. god, I just realized, I've typed the word high like 3044 times in my last 4 entries.. so here's a few more... high high high high high high high, see how easy that was.. ok definately time to stop that.

Ok, yeah anyways, recently I started smoking again, like all the time - and I think it's mostly do to an emotional breakdown that I'm going / gone / still will go through. I decided the other day that I think that I have an mentally emotional issue. My roommates girlfriend and I have decided that it's probably do to the fact that I didn't have a mother as an infant, but who knows really. All I know is, I get way too attached and end up getting my heart broken a lot.. alright, ready I'll explain.

My first serious girlfriend, we took each others virgininty. Shortly after I met someone cool, well later I cheated on my girlfriend with this girl, blah blah blah right? Well, that happened to lead to a long line of things that happened.. My girl and I broke up, I regretted it, and still to this very day regret it. So, I made it through the rest of the school year and then my best friend died in the war in Iraq. I later came to meet a girl, who I dated for a year.. and she got into some trouble and we to this day have failed to see each other. Deep down I want to see her so bad, but at the same time I'm like... well shit, this sucks .. let's be all emotional and go find someone because I'm a hound and have to be with someone 'all' the time...

So, anyways me and my best friend in the whole world got an apartment and we live right down the road from the girl I had wanted to be with for like.. ever. Anyways, I got soooooooooo seriously trashed and went straight to her house at like 1 in the morning and asked her if she wanted to be with me.. she says yes, lie! . Anyways, we end up having sex 'twice'.. which ultimately made things worse.. and we end up 'not' being together, and I DON'T have sex with someone unless I seriously care for them, and well I just waisted a perfectly good turn on the sex-a-go-round for someone I'm not going to be with and someone I'm forced to see all the time. So that said, I talked to my roommates and stuff, and I have decided that I am going to have to 'put' myself away from seeing her sooo much, just because it's such an emotional ordeal for me to see her all the time.. and yeah well that's pretty much where I stand.. I'm an emotional wreck and nothing to fix it with...

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Good High - Gravity is your friend.

Check it out. We all want to find ways to get high, new ways that is. Sure we can pass el-kabong around or captain two liter for that matter. Hell, if we're not too concerned with what's going on we'll smoke from blunt wraps, papers, and if it's a last resort for me then a popcan, but that's a last resort. Well, have you ever thought of takin the time to get high off of a gravity bong? I doubt that some of you newbies could handle it, but it's the best way to get high in my experiance.

Get yourself, some weed, a two liter bottles, a bucket, water, scissors, bowl cap, and pipe.

Take that two liter bottle cut off the bottom 20% of the bottle. You need to then poke a hole in your bottle cap, just big enough for your bowl to sit inside, tightly. You need to thread the bowl into the cap, and then put the cap back on to the bottle.

After you've got all your weed in your bowl, etc fill up the bucket of water. Lower the bottle into the bucket, and slowly pull up, drawing smoking up into the bottle. Now QUICK remove the cap off the bottle, and put your lips on the opening of the bottle, and INHALLLLEEEE.... now sit back, you're gonna be pretty high after a few good solid hits of good weed on this.

Later and have fun,

Can't roll a joint? Do it the easy way.

Ok, we've all been there. You know, when you're really a smoker and not really that good at rolling your own stuff. Maybe you'd rather smoke out of a bowl, or my favorite a steam roller. Although if you sell your shit, then sometimes you can make a little more money if you've got some prewrapped shit, scale it out though and be fair, I'd hate to see you pinch the wrong person. ;)

What you'll need for this tutorial is:

2 pens, one bigger than the other but not huge.
Papers - You might screw this up once or twice first.
A joints weight in weed.


First, get a pen . Yes, an ink pen.
Second, wrap the paper around the pen to where only the sticky part of the paper is showing.
Third, lick the sticky part to seal the deal.
Fourth, pull the paper up, so that the paper is only 1/4 inch on the pen.
Fifth, Starting loadin the green.
Sixth, use a pen to pack the weed. (Smaller pen)
Seventh, twist the edges of the joint to tighten it down. (You may not have to do this if you packed it good enough). If you used this step then bite the very very ends up of the joint now (Eat em if you want, but dont bite too much, you're tryin to smoke this joint remember).
Eighth, light that fucker up, pass it around if you got company if not.. then sit back and get high.

If you have any questions about this, you know how to get ahold of me.

So not high right now.

Ok, so anyways, it's 6:29am and I'm craving pot like something crazy right now though. I can't smoke it right now, it's way too early.. I wanna wait like, a good while before I go smokin again, because well I am just that way I am really picky about the atmosphere when I smoke. A lot of the times I dont give a shit, but right now.. I do.. god, doesn't this shit look good to you?

Yeah, well, I smoke it a lot and it's right now my favorite weed, locally anyways.. I could always go to B.P. but everyone goes to him and I'm tired of smokin the same ole shit all the time, spin it up and give me a different buzz.. put a little spice on it.

I think I am going to go sleep for a few hours, then get up and call the cable company because we've done paid $80 for shit, that they are trying to charge us again for. Fuckin ripoffs.. then I gotta call about all of my work hours next week. I will then have to probably go ahead and break a heart (More like get mine broken) by tellin someone they can't come over anymore, because I'm too pussy-whipped by them to be able to handle just being friends.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Omg, still stoned

Ok, I'm still stoned and have to go to work rather soon. Have to jump in the shower like now. Although I wanted to share a few pics of weird joint pipes with you. :)


Ok, so I'm still a relative amatuer. I still smoke a lot more, and know a bit more about it than the average amatuer though. Anyways, I hadn't smoked weed for a good three weeks before this weekend. The 'feast' was kindof cool, but only because I smoked a lot of weed and tore up some LSD - which I later came to find affects my temper and my judgement when throwing shit acrossed my apartment.

Anyways, today was weird. I rolled up to my dudes sisters house where I get all my shit, won't buy it nowhere else. It's fuckin totally discreet and everything. Bad neighborhood, but no one fucks with you when you're the tight with who lives on that end of town. So fuckin a man, I got a half an L today and we smoked it pretty quickly do' and fuckin a if I'm not still super stoned. I have to be at work in fuckin 2 hours, and I'm going to be baked well into my evening.

I should be getting a hold of some change today so I'll probably stash it back in my cash deposit so that I can start selling again. I used to do a lot of running, and I'm kindof doing good with finding good, stinky, cheap weed and selling it at an inflated price.. Joint an a half $7, well worth it.

Anyways, here's my new TOY. I love my toys.

I wish I could've got a pick of the herb I was smokin on yesterday man, shit had me straight crackin the fuck up at everything. I was totally geekin the fuck out.

Anyways, gotta chill for a bit - later